Iswaran salary as minister with allowances of S$192.5K

Iswaran salary as minister with allowances of S$192.5K

Iswaran Salary, Imagine a superhero in Singapore called Mr. Iswaran. He was a minister, someone who helps make important decisions for the country. Let’s learn about his exciting journey!

Iswaran Salary : Almost Three Decades of Politics

Mr. Iswaran earns a salary of S$192.5K ,Mr. Iswaran was not new to the world of making big decisions. He was in politics for almost 27 years! That’s like being a superhero for a very long time.

Iswaran salary as minister with allowances of S$192.5K

Iswaran Salary : Formula 1 Grand Prix Adventures

Just like how superheroes have epic adventures, Mr. Iswaran had his share of excitement. He played a role in important events, like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore. It’s like being part of a race with really fast cars!

Iswaran Salary : Private Sector Connections

Superheroes sometimes have secret identities. In the private sector, Mr. Iswaran had connections with something called Temasek Holdings. It’s like having friends who help with important stuff.

Iswaran Salary :  as a Superhero Minister

Being a superhero comes with rewards, and for Mr. Iswaran, it was a salary. He earned a minimum monthly salary of S$55,000. That’s like getting a big bag of candies every month!

A Hero’s Pay Cut

During some investigations (like when superheroes face challenges), Mr. Iswaran took a pay cut. Instead of his usual salary, he received S$8,500 each month. It’s like when a superhero faces tough times but keeps going.

The MP Allowance

Heroes sometimes get special bonuses. Mr. Iswaran had something called an MP allowance, and it was S$192,500 every year. It’s like getting extra goodies for doing a great job.

Staying Strong During Investigations

Even when investigations were happening (like when superheroes are under a magnifying glass), Mr. Iswaran kept working. It’s like when you have to finish your homework even if your toys are calling you.

A Peek into Mr. Iswaran’s Life

Mr. Iswaran’s life was a bit like a storybook. He worked hard, faced challenges, and earned his rewards. Every superhero has a unique story, and this was his.

Superhero’s Dedication

Despite challenges, Mr. Iswaran continued to serve Singapore. It’s like when you don’t give up on your friends even if things get tough.

The Continuing Adventure

As we finish this chapter of Mr. Iswaran’s story, we wonder what new adventures await him. Every superhero’s journey is full of surprises, and we’ll be watching to see what comes next!

In the world of Singaporean superheroes, Mr. Iswaran’s political journey is like a thrilling comic book. As one chapter ends, we eagerly await the next exciting installment!